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City living

So it seems like this community is all about farming and gardens and stuff like that, which is all very well and good, unless you happen to live in a giant apartment building in the middle of a city. As in, cross-hair-dead-center. But there's a way city-dwellers can contribute, believe it or not, to the development of sustainable agriculture and organic farming. The latter will make a far bigger impact on this part of the world than the former. And no, it doesn't involve visiting your out-of-the-way local farmer's market every weekend.

Very simply, you give a "company" (company, in the sense that they are neither farmers nor sellers nor delivery people) somewhere around $600 in the beginning of May, and every week or two, for five or six months, you get a crate of just-picked veggies fresh off the farm, delivered to your door. Well, maybe not your door--these companies have drop-off points. Some even do eggs. And odds are you never know what you're going to get until you open the box.

These farms are local, and most of them are organic. The eggs are probably from cage-free hens. That sort of thing. Suffice it to say that the amount of money spent is works out to the system being less expensive than shopping at Whole Foods.

The link is
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