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Howdy! thoughts, and relfections...

Well, here I am in the very active community about self sufficient community planning, and how fortunate, because I have been working on this for some time. So here are some thoughts.
One, complete disconnection does not benefit the society in question (lets call us the tribe, because I like that word). For instance, the thousands of work hours that can be saved by buying a role of copper wire vs. mining extracting refining and forging it yourself cannot be understated same with textiles, electronics etc. instead, the tribe should focus on a certain degree of sustainability, and independence. The tribe would almost certainly use computers, electronics for hydroponic gardening (my specialty) and even such simple things as light, and light machining. a tribe of around 25 people for instance is quite sustainable if all of the members are multi skilled and fairly healthy. Problems arise in the area of critical medical, care of the elderly, and the biggest, peoples desire for endless recreation. I think a tribal council, is a fair way of governing, and worked for the native americans in the past, as long as the tribe is not met with an overwhelming superior force. So for specifics, tribe should be: Near a source of fresh water with a head drop of at least 100 feet and an average flow of a few million gals a year, wind power to augment the hydro electric, the hills in the area should be terraced, a well stocked machine shop, and chemistry lab, a wood shop, fabrication shop, an abundant supply of stores, the homes and shops should all be connected via underground tunnels, a large community area, and a hospital of sorts. Some of the problems that might be run into are restriction of materials by government, and raising the working capitol/securing the initial effort. In my mind the ideal is a space based community, that exists in a spaceship made of mostly organic materials so that it can grow as each generation farms the resources of its construction. Such a station would resemble a large cylinder (about 100 yards across) with about 20 feet deep water "spun" against the walls and islands or boats that the people inside live on, the water would provide ample protection from solar radiation and thermal mass, light would come in from huge parabolic mirrors of mylar focused through a lens at one the caps of the cylinder. But this is sci fi academics, for now, a tribe or two would be a great study for that eventual community, certainly the more we understand about small group dynamics the better.
Well, that's it for now I think.
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